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Super DragonBall Z
String Move
Combination B
straight, uppercut, knee
Combination A1
Videl starts with two punches, a low kick, finally a punch that sends the foe flying.
Combination A2
Videl punches the oppnent three times. The last hit will turn him/her around.
Special Moves
Trick Shoot (in air)+
Videl drops down with both knees.
Slash Drop +
Videl charges toward her opponent and slams him/her to the ground.
Triple Crush +
Videl delivers two spinning kicks, followed by a flip kick.
Trick Move /+,
Identical to Android 17 and Android 18's Surround Attack, Videl moves in an arc and follows up with ...
[Skill Tree] Guard Break +
Unblockable striking attack
[Skill Tree] Blocking +
Videl blocks an incoming attack and retaliates with an uppercut.
Super Moves
Volteks Aura +
Videl emits a sphere of energy from her hand.
[Skill Tree] Rainbow Storm +
Videl performs a flip kick that will send foes in the air.

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