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Signature Moves
Giga Burn
Victor executes a very anti-air knee attack.

Graviton Knuckle
A forward hop with electric slam (after landing a normal punch throw, immediately input @term=down@@term=up@+@term=anypunch@)

Great Gerdenheim / Great Gerdenheim S (Savior)
Dr. Gerdenheim's ghost possesses Victor and all his standing punches become grabs for the duration.

Gyro Crush
Victor spins with arms outstretched, then punches forward.

Jaw Slugger
Repeated jaw-butts.

Mega Shock
Victor grabs his opponent, and charges them with electricity.

Mega Spike
Victor knees his opponent into the air then knuckle bombs them to the floor.

Mega Strangle
Victor grips his opponent about the midsection.

Mega Throw
Victor's air throw.

Thunder Break
Victor knuckle bombs the floor sending out waves of electricity.

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