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Signature Moves
Kensei Senpuu Gouken / 牽制旋風剛拳, Feint Giant Whirlwind Punch
Tung starts to spin as in Senpuu Gouken, but stops quickly.

Kyou Geki Ho / 旧撃放, Original Shock Blow
Tung crouches and expels his pumped spirit as if he was charging up for his non-EX desperation, but doesn't go anywhere.

Kyou Ressen Kyaku / 旧烈千脚, Original Thousand Kicks
Command throw version of Tung's rising rapid kicks.

Kyou Sen Shippo / 旧箭疾歩, Original Air Spin Jab
Hopping fist attack. @term=cbtn@ version is longer range and also acts as EX Tung's breakshot.

Kyou Sho Ha / 旧衝波, Original Spirit Wave
Short range energy wave from both arms.

Migi Kou Ryuu / 右降龍, Right Descending Dragon
An anti-air thrust punch.

Ressen Kyaku / 烈千脚, Thousand Kicks
Rising rapid kicks.

Ressen Sho / 烈千掌, Thousand Palms
Rapid punches.

Sen Shippo / 箭疾歩, Air Spin Jab
Forward leaping fist strike.

Senpuu Gouken / 旋風剛拳, Giant Whirlwind Punch
Tung pumps up his torso and performs a massive spinning clothesline while moving across the screen.

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