Obito Uchiha Movelist

Masashi Kishimoto

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Command Moves
How's this? (in air)+
Tobi flings a large firecracker straight down.
Here it is! +,
Tobi leaps into the ground, then comes back out with a leaping kunai slash.
Urgh! Ha, just kidding! +
Tobi gets into a pose, and if hit, will attack with a hop kick.
[Lightning Fast Mode] Oh! +,
Tobi rushes the foe with an exploding scroll in his hand and flails at them, then falls down. The sc ...
String Move
Hey! (in air)
Behind you! ,+
It's close, isn't it?
[Lightning Fast Mode] What? ,+
Tobi flails randomly and drops a bomb, recoiling before it explodes.
[Lightning Fast Mode] Huh?
Tobi rushes at the opponent with kunai slashes, then attempts a kick and falls flat on his back as a ...
Special Moves
Lightning Fast Mode
Tobi's speed increases, and a few of his moves change.
Super Moves
Detonation Dispersion
Tobi leaps forward and leaves a trail of exploding scrolls behind him.
Earth Style: Tobi Fire Lantern
Tobi dives into the ground and comes back up in the opponent's position whilst aflame.
Unknown Ability
Tobi holds up an explosive and teleports behind the opponent. Nonchalantly tossing it a bit in the a ...

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