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Signature Moves
Raphael leaps onto the opponent and clings to him, proceeding to bite his face several times.

Chest Buster
Raphael performs a front flip ending in a front kick.

Energy Pitch
Raphael pitches the ball at his opponent as a pure globe of energy.

Raphael conjures up a disc-shaped projectile and heaves it at his foe.

Power Drill
Raphael launches headfirst at his opponent whilst spinning like a horizontal top.

Sai Fury
Raphael slides forward, holding both of his sai overhead. If he connects with this, he proceeds to thrash the opponent with a series of sai strikes and kicks, culminating in a more powerful Spark Plug.

Sai Jab
Raphael leaps onto his opponent and jabs them several times with his sai before leaping off.

Sai Slash
Raphael thrusts his sai forward and fires off a spark from it.

Spark Plug
With a sai in each hand, Raphael leaps upward at a 45-degree angle. spinning his arms.

Tomoe Nage
Raphael grabs his opponent and plants a foot in their abdomen, falling backward and flipping them over his head.

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