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Signature Moves
Leonardo performs a handspring backflip in an effort to evade his foe.

Dash 'N Thrash
Leonardo dashes forward, and at the end of the movement, slashes upward with both of his katana.

Energy Pitch
Leonardo pitches the ball at his opponent as a pure globe of energy.

Ground Swell
Leonardo flips his katana to face point-down and stabs the ground with them. A spark of energy emits from them, traveling across the screen.

Millennium Wave
Leonardo rapidly punches the air, firing off projectiles shaped like his fist surrounded in aura.

Rolling Cutter / Endless Screw
Leonardo stretches his arms out (SNES) or crosses his arms (Genesis), and spins toward the opponent, his katana in each hand.

Roto Cutter
Leonardo leaps into the air and performs a somersault with his katana extent.

Shining Cutter
Leonardo swipes his katana downward, creating a wave of energy that travels toward his opponent.

Shoulder Throw
Leonardo flips his opponent over his shoulder and flings them.

Tomoe Nage
Leonardo grabs his opponent and plants a foot in their abdomen, falling backward and flipping them over his head.

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