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Jeak Zion!
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Signature Moves
Bakuretsu Jigokuken
Karai bounces off of a wall and hovers above her foe, pelting him or her with rapid punches.

Dark Thunder / Oni Henka
Karai briefly transforms into a monstrous version of herself, spitting lighting in one direction, then the other.

Judo Toss / Karai Toss
Karai grabs her foe with one hand and turns around, flinging her foe in the process.

Karai Punch
Karai slowly descends on her foe with rapid punches.

Karai Slam
Karai bounces off the wall and aims her body toward her foe. Upon contact, she grabs him or her and slams them into the ground with her body vertical.

Karai Throw
Karai grabs her foe with one arm and slams them straight to the ground.

Ki Javelin
Karai creates a long blade out of energy and lobs it at her foe.

Slide Kick
Karai turns, then slides forward with a kick.

Slide Punch
Karai turns and slides forward with a punch.

Wheel Kick
Karai performs a vertical spin kick.

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