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Signature Moves
Blur Attack / Bo Thrust
Donatello rapidly thrusts his bo at the opponent.

Bo Hell
Donatello slowly somersaults in the air over to his opponent and remains suspended above him or her, then rapidly jabs his bo straight down at the foe.

Bo Throw
Donatello lifts up his foe with the end of his bo and turns around, slamming shaking them off of it.

Energy Punt
Donatello performs a jumping spin kick that fires off the ball as a wave of energy at the opponent.

Ninja Elbow
Donatello leaps toward his opponent with his arm bent so that his elbow smashes into his foe's face.

Ninja Kick
Donatello leaps toward his opponent with his leg outstretched for a particularly nasty kick.

Rotation Kick
Donatello leaps into the air with his leg outstretched, spinning head-over-heels. He comes back down with a short slide kick.

Roto Bo
Donatello leaps into the air, spinning his bo.

Shoulder Throw
Donatello flips his opponent over his shoulder and flings them.

Vacuum Wave
Donatello strikes the air with his bo, creating a wave of energy.

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