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Signature Moves
Enma Ishi
Bishamon sends out a small mat which can trip up his opponent. While they are down, blocks fall on them from above.

Iai Giri
A long range slash with sword. @term=anypunch@ for high, @term=anykick@ for low.

Kibi Tsukane
Multi-hit spectral finger charge.

Kien Zan
A sword uppercut, Oboro Bishamon is free from his regular form's reversal timing restrictions on this move.

Kimen Kudaki
The ghostly member from Oni Kubi Hineri tries its "hand" at flying across the screen with a punch.

Kirisute Gomen
Grab and multi-hit Kien Zan.

Nu Kien Zan
A rushing slash chained into uppercut.

Oni Kubi Hineri
Oni Naburi
A forward flip followed by overhead slash on landing. Flips farther with more punch strength.

Togakubi Sarashi
Bishamon quickly slices his foe in two. If you finish the match with this, their torso is left displayed on a table.

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