Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters 2002, The) says...
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Signature Moves
Iai Giri / Quick Slash
A lengthy swipe of his blade. @term=anypunch@ swings high, @term=anykick@ swings low.

Karame Dama / Soul Stun
Bishamon sends his spirits to ensare his foe.

Kesa Nage / 袈裟投げ
Kien Zan / Upper Slash
Dragon punch-esque anti-air.

Kirisute Gomen
Bishamon grabs his foe and delivers a multi-hit Kienzan.

Mitama Nuki / 御霊抜き
Oni Kubi Hineri / Soul Choke
A ghostly hand emerges from his armor's mouth and grasps the opponent violently.

Soul Summon / Tama Yose (Savior), Kaeshi Ha (Pre-Savior)
Bishamon yanks his souls/sword (and the opponent) back to him. Can be followed up with Kienzan.

Togakubi Sarashi / Soul Torment
Bishamon quickly slices his foe in two. If you finish the match with this, their torso is left displayed on a table.

Tsuji Hayate / Storm Slash
Bishamon performs a crossroads cut on his stunned foe.

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