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Signature Moves
Cleaver Drop
Fast Stabbing
Super fatal feat. With full energy, seize enemy and then stab him continuously with the axe.

Fling and Smash
Hold up enemy then throw him hard to the back.

Grap and Smash
Ground-breaking Slash
Concertrate energy on the axe, then slash onto the ground. A fatal feat that will go even faster with full energy.

Pile down on the enemy with the back side.

Spinning Slash
Defence feat for the upper part of the body. A draw back: the axe swinging upward has dragging force that will slow down the action. Use it at the right moment.

Tornedo Slash
Turn and jump forward before slashing quickly with the axe. But, if it fails to cause harm to enemy, beware of counter-attack by enemy. To paly safe, use it with the Ground-breaking Slash.

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