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Signature Moves
Cold Shoulder
Sub-Zero rushes forward with a low shoulder ram.

Deep Freeze
Sub-Zero performs a more powerful version of his Freeze Ray that freezes the opponent solid, for a setup to a finishing move.

Head Rip / Spine Rip
Sub-Zero uses amazing strength to tear his opponent's head right off of their shoulders - along with their spine still attached.

Ice Ball / Freeze Ray, Deep Freeze, Freeze Ball, Icy Freeze
A burst of ice from the hands. On impact freezes target to allow further damage.

Ice Breaker
Sub-Zero freezes his opponent as he lifts them overhead, then rips the frozen opponent apart, shattering them.

Ice Clone / Ice Sculpture
Sub-Zero flips back, leaving an effigy of himself made of ice in the position he was in prior to performing the move. If the opponent physically touches this ice, they are promptly rendered frozen.

Ice Shower / Air Freeze Ray, Ice Storm
Sub-Zero raises his hands to the sky, firing off a blast of ice. The ice then rains down, freezing the opponent if he or she comes in contact with it.

Instant Snowman
Sub-Zero blasts a snowman from his hands, from his feet up.

Polar Mauling
Sub-Zero morphs into a polar bear and mauls his opponent.

Slide / Cold Slide
Slide across the screen and trip up the opponent.

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