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Signature Moves
Sub-Zero grabs the opponent by the face, and the screen goes completely black. What is done after the screen's darkening is unknown, but popular rumor is that the Head Rip is performed.

Condensation Breath / Ice Breath
Sub-Zero removes the front of his mask, revealing a blue, Reptile-eque visage. He exhales a puff of ice crystals, which freezes the opponent. The opponent falls backwards, shattering into many chunks of ice.

Sub-Zero strikes his foe with his elbow.

Ice Ball / Freeze Ray, Deep Freeze
A burst of ice from the hands. On impact freezes target to allow further damage.

Ice Shower / Air Freeze Ray, Ice Storm
Sub-Zero raises his hands to the sky, firing off a blast of ice. The ice then rains down, freezing the opponent if he or she comes in contact with it.

Ice Slick / Ground Freeze
Sub-Zero aims his Freeze Ray at the ground, causing a patch of ice to appear. Enemies who dare tread on this ice will stumble and try to right their footing, allowing Sub-Zero time to attack.

Ice Stalagmite / Ice Spike, Icicle
Sub-Zero uppercuts his opponent into the air, and quickly creates a gigantic shard of ice on the ground. The opponent falls Earthward, and is subsequently impaled by the ice.

Sub-Zero pulls out a jack-in-the-box from behind him, and turns the crank as the Friendship melody plays. Upon the end of the jingle, a giant snowman's head pops out of the box and scares off the opponent.

Slide across the screen and trip up the opponent.

Tomoe Nage
Sub-Zero grips his opponent and falls backwards, kicking them away.

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