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Signature Moves
Fire Dragon Pursuit Cane
High counter.

Hell Drop / 地獄落とし, Jigoku Otoshi
Midsection Club Cruncher / 三節棍中段打ち, Sansetsu Kon Chuudan Uchi
Billy extends his pole forward.

Pole Vaulting Kick / 棒高跳び蹴り
Forward vault kick.

Skewering Toss / 一本釣り投げ, Ippon Tsuri Nage
Throw with pole.

Soaring Crackdown Cane / 強襲飛翔棍, Kyoushuu Hishou Kon
Billy vaults into the sky and comes down on his opponent.

Sparrow Hunt / 雀落とし, Suzume Otoshi
Billy extends his pole upwards.

Ultra Fire Swirl / 超火炎旋風棍, Chou Kaen Senpuu Kon, Super Fire Wheel
Billy twirls his staff ablaze, then spins the burn at his enemy.

Whirlwind Cane / 旋風棍, Senpuu Kon
Rapid cane rotation.

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