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Signature Moves
Baton Rush / Roll Toss
Stryker rushes at his foe and swings them through the air with his baton. In MK2011 he rolls at them.

Baton Trip / Baton Sweep
Stryker swings his baton at the opponent's legs and knocks them down.

Baton Twirl
Stryker spins his baton in the opponent's face.

Crossing Guard
Stryker pulls out a handheld stop sign and encourages others to cross in front of him. Some versions have other characters run across the screen, while other versions have a wagon of Babality'd characters pulled by a dog.

Don't Tase Me Bro!
Stryker shocks the opponent to death with a taser.

Grenade / Grenade Toss
Stryker tosses a grenade at the opponent. @term=highpunch@ tosses one in a high arc, whereas @term=lowpunch@ tosses one with a lower arc.

Gun Shot / Gun Blast
Stryker rapidly fires his pistol. In Armageddon, he uses a sub-machine gun instead, and he can aim it high or low.

Necessary Roughness
Stryker takes his taser to his opponent's chin and zaps them, then runs behind them, grabs their shoulder, and punches them twice, sending them sprawling.

Stun Gun
Stryker whips out a taser and zaps the opponent with it.

Stryker transforms into a t-rex and bites off the opponent's top torso.

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