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Signature Moves
Baton Rush / Roll Toss
Stryker rushes at his foe and swings them through the air with his baton. In MK2011 he rolls at them.

Baton Trip / Baton Sweep
Stryker swings his baton at the opponent's legs and knocks them down.

Baton Twirl
Stryker spins his baton in the opponent's face.

Crossing Guard
Stryker pulls out a handheld stop sign and encourages others to cross in front of him. Some versions have other characters run across the screen, while other versions have a wagon of Babality'd characters pulled by a dog.

Don't Tase Me Bro!
Stryker shocks the opponent to death with a taser.

Grenade / Grenade Toss
Stryker tosses a grenade at the opponent. @term=highpunch@ tosses one in a high arc, whereas @term=lowpunch@ tosses one with a lower arc.

Gun Shot / Gun Blast
Stryker rapidly fires his pistol. In Armageddon, he uses a sub-machine gun instead, and he can aim it high or low.

Riot Bomb
Stryker straps a bomb to his opponent and jumps away, plugging his ears as it detonates.

Stun Gun
Stryker whips out a taser and zaps the opponent with it.

Stryker transforms into a t-rex and bites off the opponent's top torso.

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