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Signature Moves
British Edge
Chopping Straight
Overhead punch.

Extremely fast forward movement while ducking; opens up new punch options during movement.

Ducking Body
Step forward and low hook.

Flicker Stance / Flicker (from Ducking Hook)
Steve makes a motion as if he were scratching his stomach, which puts him in temporary "Flicker" stance. His punches change up while in this stance, giving him added range. Anything other than a punch or attempted movement backward (which does nothing) will cancel the stance.

Foot Stomp
In the closest thing to a kick that Steve has to a kick in this game, he clomps down on the foe's foot with his own.

Steve crouches a bit with his hands up, changing up his punch options. Steve can move forward slowly in this stance but cannot move backward or jump. This stance remains until canceled (by ducking or any attack buttons other than punch).

Quick Spin
Steve spins around, dodging attacks and opening new attack possibilities.

Weaving A
Steve dodges away from the screen.

Weaving B
Steve dodges toward the screen. Opens up further attack possibilities.

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