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Signature Moves
All-Arm Assault
Spiral stretches each of her arms out in succession to bash the opponent.

Dancing Sword
Spiral summons a rotating ring of swords around her.

Dimensional Dance
Spiral turns invisible for a few moments.

Spiral grabs her opponent with her feet and flings them away.

Grapple Blast
Spiral leaps onto her opponent and wails on them. Mashing/waggling increases hits.

Human Fist
Spiral curls all of her arms around her body to resemble a giant fist and strikes out with it.

Mirror Dance
Spiral swaps places with her opponent.

Six Hand Grapple
Spiral reaches up to intercept airborne opponents. Upon grabbing them, she performs her Spiral Buster throw.

Spiral Buster
Spiral grabs her opponent and leaps high into the air, then gives them a toss.

Spiral warps elsewhere on the screen. By default, she appears above the opponent, but her position can be directed by quickly tapping an attack button after performing the move.

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