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Signature Moves
Crawler Assault
Speedy auto-combo.

Maximum Spider
Spidey leaps to the wall and bounces off to deliver an auto-combo which takes the foe to the sky. In the MvC3 games, he attaches webs to the enemy with each hit, sending them crashing to the ground at the end with a stomp.

Sankaku Tobi / Triangle Jump, Wall Bounce
Spidey bounces against the edge of the screen to increase the height and width of his jump.

Spider Bite
Volleys the foe to the ground

Spider Sting
Spidey's Shoryuken attack.

Web Ball
Spidey fires a wad of webbing at the foe that encases them in a cocoon momentarily.

Web Swing
Spidey attaches a line of webbing to the top of the screen and swings across to deliver a kick.

Web Throw
Spidey flings webbing at the foe and latches it onto them, swinging them around before launching them to the other side of the screen. Waggling the joystick can extend the length of the swinging.

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