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Signature Moves
Busumetsu Buster
Very short hop followed by grab, then a jumping powerbomb.

Daikyou Burning
Charge forward with jitte held out. If Sodom hits his opponent on the ground, he grabs and pushes them forward along the ground for flaming rugburn.

Jigoku Scrape
A rushing attack with the jitte, particulars of the swing change with @term=anypunch@ strength.

Kouten Okiagari / 後転移動起きあがり
A backwards recovery roll.

Meido no Miyage
Multiple Jigoku Scrapes.

Shiraha Catch
A counter that only works on overheads. Simply tosses countered opponent away.

Shogun Throw
Length of toss differs if @term=anypunch@ or @term=anykick@ is used.

Ten Chuu Satsu
Super Busumetsu Buster.

Tengu Walking
Recovers from knockdown by quickly walking forward using his jitte.

Yagura Reverse
Fake Tengu Walking.

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