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Signature Moves
Banshee Scream / Yell
Sindel stuns her foe with a scream.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Sindel wraps her hair around her opponent and spins them until they explode to pieces.

It's Good!
Sindel punts a football and throws up her hands to indicate a field goal. In MK Advance, this is changed to a soccer ball.

Queen Bee
Sindel transforms into a large purple wasp and repeatedly stings her opponent off-screen. She then proceeds to reemerge in human form afterwards.

Ripping Screech
Sindel screams at the opponent, and their body parts slowly peel away until they are completely torn apart.

Skinning Scream
Sindel screams and strips her opponent of their flesh.

Sliding Foot Grab
Sindel peforms a low slide and grabs her opponent's ankles, then swings her feet up and kicks the opponent in the face.

Soaring Star
A Star Screamer shot diagonally from the air. Can be used whilst flying.

Star Screamer / Fireball
Sindel fires a bluish fireball from her mouth.

Twirling Polearm
Sindel tosses her opponent into the air and pulls out her Kwan Dao and spins it overhead, chopping the opponent to bits.

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