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a.k.a. Silver
Dr. Strange (Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite) says...
Together, we shall open the door of truth.
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King of Fighters 11, The
Command Moves
Back Tenohira Soko +
Tobi Hiza Kyaku +
Silber does a hopping knee strike and flying kick.
Special Moves
Chou Saru Geri +
Silber delivers a flying kick.
Kyukohka Kakato Otoshi +
Silber leaps up and comes down with an overhead kick.
Onihudou Nagashi +
counters mid and high attacks
Super Moves
Chouzetsu Saru Geri ++
Silber smashes and opponent against the wall with a flying kick, and lands lands two more powerful k ...
Chou Onihudou Nagashi +
counters all physical attacks of any level
Rangeki +

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