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Signature Moves
Energy Sonic
Shredder waves his arms, turning the ball into a Sonic Boom-like wave of ki.

Gauntlet Blur
Shredder punches rapidly, leaving behind afterimages of his fist.

Heat Beam
Shredder fires a powerful laser that passes through foes and objects.

Land Wave
Shredder kneels down and touches the ground, sending a shockwave across the arena.

Ninja Eruption
Shredder gestures and an explosion occurs beneath each of his foes. This move is unblockable and even hits airborne foes; quickly moving away just as the attack starts is the only way to evade it.

Shadow Shred
Shredder punches at the opponent. If the punch connects, he transitions into a leaping dash kick with shadow trails.

Shinkuu Throw
Shredder waves his hand and creates a vacuum of energy that pulls the opponent toward him, damaging them in the process.

Shoulder Throw
Shredder flips his opponent over his shoulder and flings them.

Shredder Combination
Shredder performs a kick. If this strikes the opponent, he goes into a mini auto-combo.

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