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Signature Moves
Flying Drill / フライングドリル
Front Suplex / フロントスープレックス
Handou Sandan Geri / 反動三段蹴り, Triple Resist Kick
A spinning roundhouse and an electric backflip finish.

Iai Geri / 居合い蹴り, Iaido Kick
A quick knee snap.

Raijinken / 雷靭拳, Lightning Fist
Benimaru charges his fist and punches it out.

Raikouken / 雷光拳, Heaven Blast Flash
Benimaru charges his fist and punches it out, a lot.

Shinkuu Katategoma / 真空片手駒, Vacuum One-Hand Top
Benimaru spins on one hand while kicking out with his legs.

Spinning Knee Drop / スピニングニードロップ
Super Inazuma Kick / スーパー稲妻キック, Super Lightning Kick

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