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Signature Moves
Emperor's Shield / Energy Shield
Kahn throws an uppercut that conjures a magic green shield. This shield also damages opponents.

Grand Slam
Kahn uppercuts his opponent into the air, then draws out his hammer, smashing the opponent to pieces with it.

Hammer Smash / Hammer Swing
Overhead Wrath Hammer attack.

Kahn turns toward the screen and laughs.

Malicious Spear / Spear Toss
Kahn crouches down on one knee and tosses a spear at the foe.

Pulse Blast / Explosive Blast
Kahn fires a green, star-like fireball from his mouth.

Ridicule / Taunt (Point)
Kahn busts out a scathing taunt.

Rising Emperor / Uplifting Knee, Upward Shoulder
Kahn leaps into the air to strike with his knee.

Shoulder Charge / Charging Spikes
Kahn dashes forward and rams his shoulder into the foe.

Tee Time
Kahn pounds his opponent into the ground with his hammer, then takes a swing at their head, shattering it.

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