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Signature Moves
Cross Shadow Blitz
Auto-combo ending with a knock-away Jumping Sobat.

Final Mission
Shadow dashes forward to strike with an uppercut that launches the foe into the air. Shadow leaps up next to them and the screen flashes, with the opponent taking massive damage.

Jumping Sobat
Hopping turning snap kick.

Moonsault Slash
Mid-air downward version of his somersault kick.

Shadow Break
Shadow launches many Sonic Booms. Mashing increases how many are thrown.

Shadow Justice
Three consecutive Somersault Shells.

Somersault Shell
A backward front flipping somersault kick, fires off a projectile wave upward at an angle.

Sonic Boom
Shadow whips his arm forward and generates a projectile.

Spinning Back Knuckle
Turning punch.

Step Kick
Forward-moving kick.

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