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Naruto Clash of Ninja Series

Masashi Kishimoto
Zangief (Street Fighter Alpha 2) says...
Don't make me angry or I'll beat the crap out of you!
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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2
Special Moves
Hurricane Formation +
Sasuke performs an auto-combo that involves dashing around to deliver blows to the opponent from opp ...
Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu +
Sasuke breathes a steady stream of fire.
Super Moves
[Level 1+] Barrage ,
Sasuke slinks out of the shadows behind the opponent with a kunai in his hand. The foe pivots and sw ...
[Level 2 +] Curse Mark ,,
Sasuke brandishes a large "Fuuma" (Demon Wind) Shuriken in one hand and a cluster of kunai in the ot ...
[Level 3] Chidori ,,,
Sasuke performs a series of sequences (depending on how many are successful) of escalating power of ...

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