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Signature Moves
Big Air
Big Bomb
Big Brunch
Sasquatch swallows his opponent, then regurgitates their now-frozen body.

Big Freeze
Sasquatch fires a beam of frosty justice.

Big Ice Burn
Sasquatch breathes out a small pool of ice. If his opponent stands on it, they slip, fall in, and are subsequently swatted out by a whale while he cheers.

Big Resistor with M.A.P.S.
Magical Avalanche Penguin Super-units appear and follow Sasquatch's movements, throwing themselves to explosive death each time @term=anypunch@ is pressed (in spite of retaining the name "Big Resistor" Sasquatch does not gain super armor).

Big Sledge
Sasquatch rides his opponent around like a sleigh.

Big Swing
Sasquatch spins his foe about then tosses them away.

Big Towers
Sasquatch surrounds himself with icey spires.

Big Typhoon
Sasquatch whirls his leg for a big anti-air.

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