Ghost Bilstein (Plasma Sword) says...
Bil... stein...? Guh! Gaaaaahhhh!!!
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Signature Moves
Samus transforms into her "Morph Ball" and drops a mine. Explosions from this mine can send her upward slightly.

Charge Shot
Fires off a tiny blast, or if sufficiently charged, a larger blast. The charge can be held onto, and then discharged later by hitting @term=bbtn@ again.

Samus fires a missile with homing capabilities. If the directional is "Smashed" (tapped quickly), the missile will lose its homing properties but become faster and more powerful (and in Brawl, larger).

Screw Attack
Samus curls into a ball and initiates a spinning jump.

Zero Laser
Samus fires a massive laser that knocks off all of her armor, changing her into Zero Suit Samus. Her armor pieces can be thrown as weapons, following this.

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