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Signature Moves
Flower Kick
Can press @term=anypunch@ to increase size at the expense of range.

Haru Ichiban
Sakura slides forward with repeated leg sweeps, then finishes with a spinning back kick.

Haru Ranmen
Midare Sakura
Sakura's own Shoryu Reppa.

Sakizakura Ken / Shoryuken, Shouoken
A running start with a Shoryuken finish.

Sakura Otoshi
Sakura jumps in the air and knuckle bombs up to three times.

Shinkuu Hadoken / Vacuum Surge Fist
A large multi-hit version of the Hadoken.

While her partner holds them, Sakura delivers her variant Shun Goku Satsu on their opponent.

Shunpu Kyaku
A hurricane type kick with a rainbow arc.

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