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Signature Moves
Tiger Cannon
Sagat gathers energy and shoots a powered-up Tiger Shot.

Tiger Carry
A basic over-the-shoulder toss.

Tiger Destruction
Similar to Tiger Genocide with a bigger Tiger Uppercut tacked on the end.

Tiger Genocide
A tiger knee with tiger uppercuts on the end.

Tiger Knee Crush / Tiger Knee, Tiger Crush
Quick rising knee attack. The move's original input is the source of the commonly-used term "tiger knee." To tiger knee an air move, start its motion on the ground and end with either up, up-forward or up-back to trigger it at low altitude.

Tiger Shot / Grand Tiger Shot (low version)
The original high/low projectile. @term=anypunch@ for high, @term=anykick@ for low.

Tiger Uppercut / Tiger Blow
An anti-air uppercut, unique in that it hits many times in most games.

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