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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Throw Moves
Boxing Glove Sticker Surprise /
Sackboy grabs his foe, then a boxing glove sticker appears behind him. He jumps out of the way just ...
Anvil Sticker Surprise
Sackboy grabs his opponent and a giant anvil sticker appears above them; he moves out of the way and ...
Spiderweb Sticker Surprise
Sackboy grabs the foe and tosses them up into a spider web sticker, where they are momentarily stuck ...
Basic Moves
Spinning Slap (in air)
Turning slap attack.
Slap Happy
Sack power makes his pimp hand strong.
Jam Session (air)
Sackboy spikes forward a gooey ball of jam, which bounces a few times, splattering and damaging a fo ...
String Move
Slap Chop ,
You're gonna love my nuts!
Special Moves
Grabinator Grab (close)+(air)
Sackboy grabs and lifts the opponent, then falls backwards, dropping them and causing a small shockw ...
Jetpack Corkscrew /+(air)
Strapping on a jetpack, Sackboy flies toward the enemy. Charging increases distance and damage.
Bounce Pad Shield +(air)
Sackboy holds up what looks like a mattress. If a foe runs into it, they are knocked backward.
Checkpoint Anchor +(air)
Sackboy lays a checkpoint at his position.
Gripple Grapple +(air)
Sackboy fires a grappling gun upward, grabbing anything in its path - whether a platform or a foe, a ...
Jetpack Jump +(air)
Sackboy straps on a jetpack and rockets upward.
Super Moves
[Level 1] Costume Clash
Sackboy changes into one of three costumes based on other characters (PaRappa, Nathan, or Cole) and ...
[Level 2] Coal Catastrophe / Bad Guy BBQ
Sackboy summons a bunch of large, flaming coals.
[Level 3] Prize Bubble Bonus
Many bubbles appear around the stage, holding AP and items. Each of Sackboy's opponent's is also enc ...

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