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Signature Moves
Aura Soul Spark
A more powerful Soul Spark, proceeded by a reflect (can even reflect super projectiles) when more super meter is involved.

Aura Soul Throw
A more powerful Soul Throw, proceeded by some launching hits when more super meter is involved.

Illusion Spark
Rose wraps her scarf around her opponents arm and charges them with energy for a while.

Soul Reflect
Rose absorbs or reflects (horizontally / vertically) an incoming projectile depending on button used.

Soul Satellite
Rose summons orbs that act as a shield. These cause damage when her opponent touches them.

Soul Spark
Rose shoots a small projectile with her scarf.

Soul Spiral
Rose wraps her arm in scarf and punches at the enemy.

Soul Throw
Rose jumps up at the opponent and tosses them down to the floor.

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