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Signature Moves
Fake Rod
Rolento mounts his rod in pogo position. Avoids & hits low attacks.

High Jump
Using his rod as a spring, Rolento jumps to new heights.

Mekong Delta Air Raid
A roll backwards, pressing @term=anypunch@ again causes Rolento to leap forwards with a strong rod attack.

Mekong Delta Attack
A hop backwards, if @term=anypunch@ is pressed just before landing Rolento will quickly roll forwards to attack.

Mekong Delta Escape
Rolento jumps to the wall behind him then springs off at the opponent. Rolento's speed can be controlled with @term=forward@ or @term=backward@.

Patriot Circle
A three-part series of multi-hit twirling rod attacks.

Spike Rod
Rod pogo attack. From A3 onwards, rebounds forward off the ground and can be repeated indefinitely.

@term=anypunch@ or @term=anykick@ throws a knife after the initial jump, angle determined by strength. The knife can be destroyed by normal attacks as well as other projectiles.

Take No Prisoner
Rolento extends a tripwire across the floor. A caught opponent will be strung up with assistance from one of Rolento's goons.

Trick Landing
A forward or backward hop on the rod.

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