Chun-Li (Capcom Fighting Evolution) says...
Winning is the easy part. It's not losing that proves a challenge.
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Killer Instinct
Special Moves
Rampage +
Riptor rushes in and headbutts.
Reverse Jump Rake +/
Riptor performs a lower more combo friendly Jump Rake.
Claw Uppercut +
A quick upward swipe of the talon.
Dragon Breath +
A momentarily sustained flaming breath.
Tail Flip +
A front roll that hits with the back and tail.
Flaming Venom +
Riptor spits out a flaming projectile.
[Combo Breaker] Jump Rake +
Triggers Ultra Combo with @term=1kick@
Fatal Moves
Deadly Venom +
Riptor spits a ball of acid that melts his enemy away.

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