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Signature Moves
Aqua Spread
Rikuo's sends forth a spray of water that becomes a vertical geyser when the buttons are released. Using @term=twokick@ results in an automatic short delay if you don't feel like holding down buttons.

Cataract Cry
Crystal Lancer / Cataract Cry
Rikuo grabs the opponent with his tongue, jumps and tosses him to the ground.

Gem's Anger
After launching the opponent with his tongue, Rikuo turns into a giant clam and pelts them with pearls.

Land Fisher
Tongue slam. Can be repeated by pressing @term=backward@ with good timing as the impact occurs.

Poison Breath
Rikuo emits poison cloud that stuns his foe.

Sea Rage
A wave crosses the screen, hitting several times.

Sonic Wave
Rikuo emits a wave that stuns his foe.

Spinning Current
Multi-hitting shell dash attack.

Trick Fish
From backdash, Rikuo spirals up and forward with his feet (fins?). Also his Guard Cancel, using a different command.

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