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Signature Moves
Airborne Slash / 空刺し
Basara throws his blade downwards at an angle determined by button (must be performed near peak of jump).

Friendly Rip / 友引
Basara grabs the opponent and drags them into his shadow. They fly back out moments later on the edge of his weapon, receiving a series of slashes.

Ground Slash / 地刺し
Basara throws his blade up and forward, it travels in an arc and returns to him.

Shadow Dance Dream Pull / 影舞い・夢彈(ゆめびき)
A hop back then a leap forward. If unblocked Basara performs an elaborate combo ending with a grab; he ends with a wide slash in Kagaribi's memory.

Shadow Exit / 影出
After entering his shadow, Basara reappears at the enemy's location with an uppercut slash.

Shadow Feint / 影騙し
A clone of Basara takes deceptive action depending on the button pressed. The clone turns into a bat and flies away after a moment. In Samurai Shodown 3 both Basara and the clone are visible but in all future games Basara becomes invisible until the clone disappears, making more effective feint.

Shadow Sucker / 影吸い
Basara sinks into his shadow. You can move left or right for a few moments before rising again.

Soul of the Beast / 鵺魂(ぬえだま)
A slow-moving electrical projectile that travels in an arc. After hitting it turns into a bat and flies away.

Stabbing Feet / 刺し足
On hit, Basara will hop off.

Triangle Jump / 三角跳び

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