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Mortal Kombat (2011)
Throw Moves
Teleport Slam /+
Rain grabs his opponent and Water-Ports them into a slam.
Special Moves
Aqua Splash
Rain fires a steady stream of water at his foe, pushing them back.
Shocking Bolt
Rain lifts his hand and summons a bolt of lightning from the sky, in the opponent's general position ...
Geyser Kick
Rain shoots straight up with a kick.
Super Kick
An upgraded version of his legendary command move, Rain's hands and feet glow purple as he delivers ...
Water Ball
Bending down on one knee, Rain fires a blue elliptical orb at the opponent. Upon contact, the player ...
Water-Port (air)
Teleport through the floor with a puddle effect.
H2O Boost
Rain momentarily glows with a yellow aura, increasing his damage at the expense of disabling his blo ...
Super Moves
Rain Check ++
Rain brings his opponent toward him with a small water eruption at their feet, then proceeds to brea ...
Fatal Moves
Bubble Burst
Rain sprays a large bubble around the opponent's head and forces it all into their orifices, inflati ...
Stage Fatality
Does It Sting
Rain conjures a large water bubble around the opponent's legs and compresses the water, breaking the ...

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