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Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Command Moves
'Round-the-world Roundhouse +
Rain's roundhouse kick knocks the opponent off of one side the screen, causing them to appear on the ...
Special Moves
Shocking Bolt
Rain lifts his hand and summons a bolt of lightning from the sky, in the opponent's general position ...
Water Ball [Preview]
Fatal Moves
Baby Elephant
Rain transforms into a very small baby elephant and blows his trunk, peeling away the opponent's ski ...
Lightning Strikes
Rain summons multiple lightning bolts, which blow up the opponent.
Spring Showers
Rain causes raindrops to fall at the opponent's feet, and a few flowers grow there.
Upside-Down Uppercut (close) [Preview]
Brutality (close)
Rain pummels his foe with a series of strikes that causes them to explode in a shower of blood and b ...
Throw Moves
Tomoe Nage (close)
Rain grips his opponent and falls backwards, kicking them away.
Basic Moves
Elbow (close)
Rain strikes his foe with his elbow.

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