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Mortal Kombat: Deception
Special Moves
Flying Shard / Blade Spark, Sharp Spark, Spark
Baraka scrapes his blades together, causing a friction projectile.
Chop-Chop Blades / Chop Chop
Baraka crouches down with his blades extended and moves his arms in a scissor motion, ensnaring the ...
Mutant Blades / Blade Charge
Baraka extends his blades and holds his arms parallel to one another, charging forward slightly.
Fatal Moves
Baraka uppercuts his opponent's head off and extends one of his blades, impaling the head as it come ...
Nomad Dismemberment (close)
Baraka slices his opponent's arms, legs, and neck with his blades, then impales one of them into the ...

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