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Signature Moves
Blade Cyclone / Blade Spin
Spinning blade attack.

Blade Impale
Baraka stabs his blades through the foe's chest and lifts them into the air. They squirm a bit, then slide down the blades.

Blade Swipe / Blade Slash
Baraka draws his blade and swipes it horizontally.

Chop-Chop Blades / Chop Chop
Baraka crouches down with his blades extended and moves his arms in a scissor motion, ensnaring the foe in a torment of blood and blades if they wander close.

Double Kick / Doom Kicks
After smashing his knee into the foe, Baraka extends his leg out to deliver a second strike.

Flying Shard / Blade Spark, Sharp Spark, Spark
Baraka scrapes his blades together, causing a friction projectile.

Head Chop
Baraka swipes at the foe's neck with his blade, decapitating them.

Mutant Blades / Blade Charge
Baraka extends his blades and holds his arms parallel to one another, charging forward slightly.

Present For You
Baraka holds up his index finger, as if to say "Wait a moment", then he turns around and pulls out a gift-wrapped box.

Tears of Pain
Standing uppercut, overhead punch, and blade unsheathing followed by three hits of wild blade flailing.

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