Sasuke (The Last) (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4) says...
I'm still in the middle of my journey. I can't stand around here.
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Throw Moves
Canopy Bounce (in air)+
Parasoul springs an airborne opponent upward with her umbrella.
Napalm Trap +
Krieg drops an imobilzing napalm tear an opponent's foot. Parasoul shoots the tear with her pistol, ...
Special Moves
Egret Call +
Parasoul dimisses a soldier as he appears on-screen. This move cancels Parasoul's current attack.
Egret Dive +
A soldier jumps in front of Parasoul, absorbing all incoming projectiles.
Egret Charge +
Parasoul calls upon a solider on a motorcycle to drag the defending character across the screen
Napalm Shot +
Parasoul uses her umbrella to shot a napalm tear at her foe.
Napalm Trigger +
Parsoul points Krieg downward, trigger an explosion of one tear.
Napalm Quake +
Parasoul points her umbrella to the ground, triggering an explosion of all tears on the screen.
Napalm Pillar +
A pillar of flame bursts upward around Parasoul
Napalm Toss + (x 3)((air)
Krieg's tears are fired in an arc. Distance that the tear is set is determined by strength of button ...
Super Moves
Motor Brigade +
Parasoul signals soldiers on motorcycles to run over her adversary.
Silent Scope +
Parsoul calls upon a sniper via radio to take a shot at her adversary.
[Level 3] Inferno Brigade +
Parasoul leads her Black Egrets to assault the enemy with a volley of gunfire.

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