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DragonBall XenoVerse 2
Special Moves
Charged Ki Wave +3D
Regains stamina.
Prepare to be Punished +3D
Increases all of Pan's attributes, but forces her to lock on to one opponent and not be able to chan ...
Dancing Parapara +
Pan dances and receives a massive stamina recovery boost. If performed close to opponents, they will ...
Feint Shot +
Two quick teleports followed by a ki blast. If delayed by holding the button she'll only teleport on ...
Justice Rush +
A brief shockwave to stun the opponent, followed by an auto-combo.
Meteor Crash +
Rapid forward-moving auto-combo.
Energy Wave Combo +
Two Energy Waves by default; can be charged to do up to six.
Kamehameha +
The signature Turtle Hermit-style ki blast.
Super Moves
Maiden Burst ++3D
Pan floats forward a bit, discharging exploding spheres around her.
Full Power Energy Wave ++
An Energy Wave using all of her power.
Super Kamehameha ++
A larger, more powerful Kamehameha.
Justice Combination ++
A quick, powerful kick which leads into an auto-combo if it connects.
Maiden Blast ++
Pan charges red ki into each hand and lets out a giant, stationary sphere of energy.

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