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Throw Moves
Vice Crush +
Painwheel lifts and slams an opponent to the ground with one hand.
Special Moves
Pinion Dash +
Painwheel dashes along the ground, with blades rotating vertically.
Flight +(air)
Spinning the blade as a helicopter rotor, Painwheel hovers above the ground.
Gae Bolga Stinger +(hold)(release)
Painwheel fires a volley of barbs from her arms.
Buer Reaper +(air)
Painwheel uses grabs an opponent with her blades and rams in with her shoulders.
Super Moves
Beur Thresher (in air)+
Painwheel stabs with numerous barbs protruding from her body. She finishes off her opponent by sawin ...
Death Crawl +
Painwheel bends in a bridge position, with spikes protruding from her limbs. She crawls toward her o ...
[Level 3] Hatred Install +
Once activated, Painwheel's fighting abilties will improve in a number of ways. All Hatred Guard mov ...

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