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Signature Moves
Dark Assassin
Noob Saibot appears and throws a three shuriken at the opponent, then retreats.

Dark Shadows
The current character switches with the other, coming in with a dashing jab from behind the enemy.

In a puff of smoke, Saibot disappears from view.

Death From Above
The current character switches with the other, coming in with a jump kick.

When this move is performed by Noob Saibot, he tosses a cluster of shuriken into the air. When the shuriken come back down, they impale his head, chest, and arms. When performed by Smoke, he sets a self-destruct sequence on his arm panel and blows himself up.

Invisible Dismemberment
Smoke becomes invisible and knocks the opponent around a bit, confusing them. He then decapitates them, tears off their top torso, and then reappears.

Shuriken Barrage
Saibot throws a bunch of shuriken, aiming at precise pressure point targets. His coup de grĂ¢ce is a star to the forehead.

Smokeycut / Teleport Uppercut
Smoke teleports behind and slightly below the opponent and delivers a devastating uppercut.

Stinky Cloud
Smoke hops back, leaving a cloud of smoke, which can choke the opponent and leave them momentarily stunned.

We Live
Smoke appears, and both he and Saibot perform a sliding jab simultaneously. Smoke then retreats.

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