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You'll end up hurt if you don't learn when to quit.
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Signature Moves
Chain Revolver
Noel's Drive allows her to string together variety of attacks.

Noel shoots a downed opponent

Type II: Bloom Trigger
Noel moves forward, firing a large blast from her gun. Using this will end the Chain Revolver string.

Type III: Spring Raid
Noel performs a flip kick

Type IX: Muzzle Flitter
Noel flips forward, taking down her opponent with her legs

Type V: Assault Through
Noel performs a shoulder tackle.

Type XI: Optic Barrel
Noel sets a mark, triggering an explosion in the area. The button determines the placement of the mark.

Type XIII: Revolver Blast
Noel twirls in the air, firing her pistols

Zero Gun: Fenrir
Noel swings out a large machine and fires at her enemy. If the initial swing connects, she will also fire a charged shot at her airborne foe.

Zero Gun: Thor
While airbone, Noel fires a barrage with her pistols. She will then finish the attack by shooting a rocket launcher.

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