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Signature Moves
Blood Spit
Nitara spits out a large blob of blood in her foe's direction.

Blood Thirst
Nitara leaps onto her opponent and bites down on their neck (or an area relative to such), draining their blood. This heals Nitara slightly.

Feeding Time
Nitara lets out a primal growl and leaps onto her foe, biting them on the jugular over and over, drinking their blood (and spilling copious amounts as well). When she's had her fill, Nitara dismounts her opponent with a kick that sends the corpse to the ground.

Jumping Blood Spit
Nitara leaps into the air and hovers for a brief second, allowing her to spit a glob of blood downward toward her opponent.

Kama Killer
Nitara swipes at her opponent with her kama until they die.

Quick Escape
Nitara flaps her wings, pushing her backward and away from her foe.

Unicorn Kick
Nitara performs a forward flip kick.

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