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Signature Moves
Divine Light
Nightwolf calls down light from the sky, which engulfs the opponent and takes them away.

Nightwolf strikes the opponent with his elbow.

Nightwolf grabs the opponent with one arm and tosses them to the ground on the other side of him.

Lightning From Above / Lightning
Nightwolf summons a bolt of lightning from the sky, in the opponent's general position.

Raiden Morph
A Mortal Kombat II machine falls from the sky as Nightwolf transforms into Raiden.

Reflector / Reflect
A green, projectile reflecting aura surrounds Nightwolf briefly.

Rhino Charge / Shoulder
Shadow-trailed shoulder charge.

Rising Tomahawk / Axe Swing
Nightwolf performs an upward swipe with a glowing tomahawk.

Spirit Arrow / Arrow Shot
Nightwolf conjures up a green bow and fires an arrow at the opponent. In some later games, the arrows could stick in the opponent.

Thunder Hatchet
Nightwolf conducts lightning to his tomahawk and redirects it to the foe, frying them.

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