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Throw Moves
Stomach Crush
Grabs the opponent, then punches their gut two times before letting them go, steps back, then kicks ...
Basic Moves
Spear Shot
Thrusts fist viciously.
Command Moves
Finishing Fist (opponentdown)
Punches downed opponent.
String Move
Double Back Hand Blow
Does a double backfist combo.
Rush Uppercut
Rushes up to two punches, ending with an uppercut
Middle Kick Uppercut +
Executes a mid-level backheel mid-roundhouse, then follows with a violent uppercut.
Last Turn Shot
Does a one-two hook punch combo, then an overhead punch, then turns around for a straight punch.
Special Moves
Kneel Kick
Somersaults forward with leg outstretched to attack the opponent.
Body Blow
Crouch-dashes forward, then punches the opponent's gut.

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