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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Special Moves
Charging Rasengan +,
Naruto punches his opponent into the air, then leaps up, slamming them back to the ground with a sma ...
Red Chakra Mode
A red, vaguely fox-like aura appears around him, switching up a few of his moves and increasing his ...
[Red Chakra Mode] Vermilion Rasengan +,
Naruto slashes his opponent with his chakra claws into the air, then leaps up, slamming them back to ...
Super Moves
Clone Jutsu Spin ,
Naruto creates a clone of himself and swings it around by the feet, using the clone as a spinning cu ...
Giant Rasengan ,
A clone of Naruto appears and the two of them create a gigantic Rasengan sphere, and the two of them ...
Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken ,,
Naruto forms his standard Rasengan move into a giant spinning four-pointed star and slams it into th ...
Tag/Team Move
[w/ Jiraiya] Master and Student Rasengan ,
Naruto and Jiraiya simultaneously perform a Rasengan.

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